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Setting clear boundaries is an act of deep self-care and self-compassion. Healthy boundaries allow you to feel safe, respected, and in control of your life. They are critical components of healthy relationships and an authentic life. I created Your Guide to Better Boundaries to help you establish the boundaries necessary for you to live in alignment with your needs and values.

Protect your peace

“Kelly’s authenticity, insight, and ability to be fully present feel like a warm hug. From the very first meeting with her, I felt seen and welcomed. Her genuine curiosity and gentle coaching opened up space for me to reflect on areas of my life I had been afraid to see clearly.”

- Megan G.

Image of Kelly Judd, life coach for women, white woman with dark hair and large tortoiseshell glasses, smiling warmly

I help you make hard decisions and do hard things. Like you, I spent decades putting others' needs before my own—at work, in my family of origin, and especially in my own home. 


After almost 20 years of leadership roles and a lifetime’s worth of plot twists in my personal life (religious and work-related trauma, emotional abuse, chronic illness, multiple pregnancy losses, late-identified neurodivergence, coming out as queer, and supporting both my spouse and child through gender transitions), I made the decision in 2018 to seek greater meaning and purpose in my work, helping others to reconnect with their authentic selves and discover the joy, peace, and clarity that comes with finally identifying and prioritizing your own needs.


I hold a MS in Psychology from Arizona State University and a certificate in wellness counseling from Cornell University, and my coaching work is informed by two years of intensive training in clinical mental health counseling. 

You'll find no gaslighting and no toxic positivity here. Just a safe and affirming space in which to unpack your overwhelm, unlearn harmful patterns, and begin crafting a life grounded in authenticity and joy. Specialty areas: women's mental health, LGBTQIA+, high-control religious and professional environments, entrepreneurship, chronic illness, navigating adult life with autism and/or ADHD.

Hi, I'm Kelly.

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Here's what we'll do together.

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Image of Kelly Judd, LGBT life coach for women, white woman with long dark hair and large tortoiseshell glasses

My coaching philosophy is grounded in psychodynamic theory and incorporates concepts borrowed from Internal Family Systems, Co-Active Coaching, and somatic work. While the work we do together is not psychotherapy (my role is not to diagnose or treat mental illness), the pace and rhythm of my coaching sessions are very similar to what you would experience in a therapist’s office. And—like a good therapist—I dig deep.

I believe that absolute clarity and skillful pattern recognition are essential for achieving lasting change. For that reason, we explore parts of you that are perhaps not readily accessible—the parts that trip you up unexpectedly, keep you from reaching your potential, and prevent you from showing up fully and authentically for your own life.​

It is through this simple, but highly personalized process that we will: 

  • Cut through the noise and overwhelm to uncover your deepest needs and what's keeping you from meeting them.

  • Identify your strengths and how you can use them to break destructive patterns in your life.

  • Add joy, peace, and tangible progress to your daily life.

  • Celebrate your victories and troubleshoot roadblocks.

Here's how we'll do it.

Here's what my clients say.

Image: five stars

"Kelly is an outstanding facilitator and coach. Kelly's work is guided by her authenticity, which in turn makes it easy for clients to also be completely authentic."

- Kim, Arizona

Image: five stars

"Kelly strikes an impeccable balance between open-hearted kindness, a good sense of humor, and a no-BS approach. The time we spend together each week feels sacred, and I leave feeling energized and emboldened."

- Megan, Texas

Image: five stars

"Kelly is understanding and comprehends on a deep level. She’s a beautiful, strong, and heartfelt person, and I feel comfortable with her."

Alli, California

Image: five stars

"Setting healthy boundaries is challenging when those around you want the opposite. Working with Kelly helps build confidence to do what is right for me and ultimately for everyone in my life."

-Group member, New York

FAQs and Pricing

Is your initial consultation really free?

Yes! The purpose of this 30-minute session is to get to know each other, explore your goals, and determine whether or not we're a perfect match.


We'll be meeting via Zoom. Bring your coffee or tea, your authentic self, and an open mind. 

How much does one-on-one coaching cost?

My one-on-one coaching services are billed at a flat monthly rate of $995 (weekly sessions) or $498 (biweekly sessions).


This holds the same 60-minute space on my calendar just for you, gives you access to asynchronous support between sessions, and includes optional attendance at my weekly Saturday support group

How is coaching different from therapy?

Psychotherapy is focused on addressing mental health issues and developing skills for coping with difficult emotions.


Life coaching is focused on helping you align your life with your needs and values, which we accomplish through deep inquiry and radical self-compassion.

Let's make some magic together

It's time to finally put yourself first. A 30-minute free consultation is a great way to explore some ideas and see if I might be the right coach for you.

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