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Come as you are to this Saturday morning space for connection and reflection as we head into the weekend with greater clarity and lightness.

This is an opportunity to put your week in the rearview mirror and make space for rest and joy. 

Members of all ages, genders, and backgrounds will find kindness and validation here.

Who is this group for?

Saturday Decompression Zone is for anyone seeking support and validation in a safe, affirming environment. Sessions are attended by Kickstart Wellness coaching clients and community members. 

This group is a good fit for you if:

  • You want to connect with other humans committed to healing and thriving.

  • You enjoy learning about how your mind works and learning from others with similar life experiences.

  • You're looking for a community in which masking is not required.

  • You're looking for a space to authentically share about topics ranging from family relationships to job stress.

"In healthy relationships, we move toward each other in times of difficulty rather than away."

Meet your facilitator

Seasoned group facilitator and certified life coach, Kelly Judd, MS, CPLC, empowers her clients to reclaim their authentic truth, set compassionate boundaries, and design a life of alignment rather than restriction. Focusing on nervous system regulation and self-attunement, Kelly creates a safe container for unmasking and stepping into deep self-trust. Kelly believes sustainable, joyful growth happens from the inside out—with a foundation of radical self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-loyalty.

With a background that includes two decades of startup leadership and a lifetime’s worth of plot twists in her personal life (religious and work-related trauma, emotional abuse, chronic illness, pregnancy loss, late-identified neurodivergence, coming out as queer in her 40s, and supporting both her spouse and child through gender transitions), Kelly deeply understands the mental and physical costs of self-abandonment. Holding a MS in Psychology from Arizona State University, a wellness counseling certificate from Cornell University, and extensive training in clinical mental health counseling, Kelly creates an affirming, gaslight-free space for clients to unpack their overwhelm, unlearn harmful patterns, and craft lives grounded in authenticity and joy.

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This is a no-cost, first-come-first-served group. The group is drop-in style, so you're welcome to claim your spot week-to-week as your schedule allows. Once you've registered for a spot in a session, you'll receive a Zoom link and reminder.

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