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Services Agreement

This Services Agreement ("Agreement") constitutes the full understanding and contract between Kelly Judd, MS, CPLC ("Provider") and the client ("Client"). The Client is advised to read this document carefully and raise any questions and concerns prior to entering into a coaching relationship with the Provider. The Client's completion of the checkout process for any coaching program indicates that the Client has read and agrees to the terms set forth in this Agreement.


Scope of Services

The services provided by the Provider include either group or individual coaching, as requested by the Client. Coaching services include: weekly or biweekly coaching sessions, asynchronous text and/or email support, Slack group administration, and support group facilitation.

Fees & Payment Terms 

Fees for coaching services are due prior to service delivery, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Weekly and biweekly coaching are billed by calendar month. Payment arrangements for group coaching programs vary.


The Client's service period begins on the day payment is provided and ends one calendar month later. If, during checkout, the Client agrees to automatic billing, the Client's saved payment method will be charged on the same day each month (the Client's renewal date) until the Client notifies the Provider of their intent to discontinue coaching. 

Scheduling & Attendance Policy

As part of any one-on-one coaching relationship, the Provider agrees to reserve a 60-minute appointment slot for the Client on either a weekly or biweekly basis, and the Client agrees to make reasonable efforts to attend prescheduled appointments.


The Client must provide at least 24 hours notice to reschedule an appointment. Missed appointments will be forfeited. Any appointment for which the client is more than 15 minutes late will be considered a missed appointment.


The Client and Provider agree to make reasonable efforts to reschedule any appointments the Client is unable to attend, assuming notice is provided by the Client at least 24 hours in advance. If rescheduling is not possible within two weeks of the original appointment date, the Provider agrees to extend the Client's service period accordingly (i.e., move the client's renewal date to ensure that all services for which the Client has paid are delivered prior to any additional charges). 

If the Client is unable to attend three consecutive appointments and is not willing or able to reschedule, the Provider reserves the right to release the Client's appointment slot and refund any remaining appointments within the Client's current service period.

Due to schedule constraints, the Provider is not able to accommodate requests for extra Zoom sessions or phone calls outside of the Client's prescheduled appointments.

Coaching vs. Psychotherapy

Coaching is distinct from psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is focused on addressing mental health issues and developing skills for coping with difficult emotions. Coaching is focused on helping the Client align their life with their needs and their values, and does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of any mental health condition.


Optimal coaching outcomes include: personal development, performance enhancement, and goal attainment. In supporting the Client's progress toward those outcomes, the Provider will utilize brainstorming, values clarification, facilitated introspection exercises, psychoeducation, and motivational techniques. The Client assumes all responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken by the Client as the result of coaching.

The Client understands that the Provider is not able to serve as a crisis counselor. In the event of a mental health crisis, the Client is encouraged to call or text 988 to be connected with a trained crisis counselor.


The Provider agrees to take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of Client communications. The Client acknowledges the inherent risks to confidentiality when using digital communication methods and releases the Provider from liability for breaches of confidentiality caused by factors beyond the Provider's control. 


Term & Termination

Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time. No refunds will be issued for unused sessions should the Client choose to discontinue coaching prior to the end of the current service period.


Limitation of Liability 

The Provider makes no guarantees, express or implied, regarding results to be achieved through coaching. If the Provider is found liable for any loss or damage (except in cases of fraud), liability shall be limited to the lesser of total payments made under this Agreement or fees paid for the past six months of service.


Dispute Resolution

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Rhode Island. Any disputes or claims arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through binding arbitration by phone with a mutually agreed-upon arbitrator. Costs of arbitration shall be shared equally by both parties. 

Entire Agreement

This document reflects the full and complete Agreement between the Provider and the Client. Any modifications must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

Kickstart Wellness Services Agreement, Version 3, 05/24/2024

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